Pandemic Flu

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A good Pandemic Planning resource for businesses to sharpen up existing plans or starting from scratch!


CDC Information on Swine Flu  : The Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, along with several of its partners, recently facilitated a unique tabletop exercise. Entitled "Pandemic Pandemonium - A Neighborhood Tabletop Exercise" the four hour event had neighborhood leaders working through how their neighborhood would plan and prepare for, respond to and recover from an Influenza Pandemic.


CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Guide - Pandemic Influenza 188 pages: can get on CDC website:

Flu Wiki and its sister site, the Flu Wiki Forum. Since its inception in June 2005, Flu Wiki has grown into an international clearinghouse of pandemic influenza information and links, presented in four languages and accessed from six continents. Flu Wiki has been cited for excellence by diverse sources such as Science magazine, Nature, and the Harvard Business Review, and linked to by local public health departments, NGOs and academic and media sources.  (Scroll down to ''Findings from the Assessment' to see the breakdown by state and objectives.)

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