Who We Are

The Business, Industry & Infrastructure (B,I&I) Subcommittee is a part of the South Central PA. Task Force (SCTF).  The eight counties in our region are shown below...

SCTF Region

The  B,I&I Subcommittee is made up of business and industry leaders as well as government representatives from the region that meet once a month to assist the business community with emergency preparedness needs and counter-terrorism measures.

Informational Brochure on Business, Industry and Infrastructure Subcommittee

Research Paper on the South Central Task Force (authored by one of our members)

What We Do

Mission Statement:

The mission of the South Central Task Force's Business, Industry and Infrastructure Subcommittee is to assist the region in preparing, responding and recovering from terrorist or criminal acts, as well as man-made and natural disasters involving business, industry and major infrastructures. The SC will form a close and trusting alliance with its members to facilitate information exchange and incident reporting in a confidential manner.


The goal of the Business, Industry and Infrastructure Subcommittee is to cultivate a partnership among government, public and private stakeholders in the area of disaster preparedness in order to preserve the social and economic viability of the region.We will accomplish this through drills, exercises, educational opportunities, mutual assistance and relationship building.

Examples of Subcommittee Initiatives: