Facility Vulnerability Assessments


The South Central PA Task Force upon request from an organization can perform a Facility Vulnerability Assessment or a Quick Look Facility Assistance Visit. Priority will be given to critical infrastructure and key resource facilities in the South Central PA region. We will utilize industry and Task Force experts to conduct these assessments and visits at no charge to the organization. The reports will be provided to the organization and will be confidential. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What areas are reviewed in the facility vulnerability assessment process?

    ANS: Generally, the assessment will cover the areas of physical security, cyber security, and emergency preparedness/business continuity. However, the assessment will be guided by the desire of the requesting facility. It can cover any one or all of these areas.

  2. Will the facility vulnerability assessment report be strictly confidential?

    ANS: Yes, the facility vulnerability assessment report will not be shared with a third party. The assessment team members are willing to sign a confidentiality form agreeing to not disclose any information or observation gathered throughout the assessment process to a third party.

  3. Is there a charge to the requesting facility for the conduct of this facility vulnerability assessment?

    ANS: There will be no charge to the facility for the South Central Task Force to conduct the assessment. The South Central Task Force funds the cost of the assessment.

  4. Will the assessment team members intentionally try to defeat policies and procedures in place at the facility in order to expose vulnerabilities.

    ANS: Assessment team members will not intentionally try to defeat or violate policies and procedures in place at the facility. However, the report will identify any observations noted by assessment team members where facility policies and procedures are either ignored or not followed.

  5. Will the requesting facility be obligated to accept or act upon any recommendations in the assessment report.

    ANS: The facility is neither obligated to accept nor reject any recommendations in the assessment report nor in any way pressured to accept any item in the report.

  6. What will the assessment team members do if they observe a violation at the facility?

    ANS: The assessment team members will inform a facility representative in addition to noting such observations in the report.

  7. How long will the assessment process take?

    ANS: Generally a pre-assessment questionnaire is sent to the requesting facility in advance of a facility vulnerability assessment visit. This is followed by a facility visit consisting of interviews and facility tours lasting anywhere from a few hours to a full day. A draft report will be generated within the next 30 days and provided to the facility in order to review for technical accuracy. A final report will be issued generally within two weeks from the receipt of facility comments or from being advised that the facility has no comments.A Quick Look Facility Assistance Visit is not as comprehensive as a facility vulnerability assessment and may consist of a 2-3 hour visit and 2-3 weeks to finalize.

  8. How do I schedule a Facility Vulnerability Assessment or Quick Look Facility Assistance Visit?

    Ans: E-mail the Business, Industry & Infrastructure Chair at: giangiw@aol.com